Three Rivers

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StormHack has one “magic” system, i.e. demons. Objectively these all follow the same rules, however different characters will probably have wildly varying ideas of what demons are. Here are three different perspectives. Demons of Self Demons are all about ambition, and Demons of Self are probably the purest form of this. This character credits no … Read More

OSR alt combat

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In a week or so I’ll be running StormHack (Black Hack, Whitehack, Chaosium’s Stormbringer) at Concrete Cow. This is a modified combat system for OSR systems. Monsters Monsters have Armour Class, a success threshold Hit Dice, to be thrown down on the table to indicate the monster’s damage Damage, which they cause on weak hits … Read More

The City Accelerated

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Years ago I wrote a series of blog posts around the “City Accelerator”, a tool for creating and growing TTRPG cities (using partial inspiration from CRPGs). I updated and collected the ideas in this document. It’s about 15 pages long and under 4000 words, too long for a single blog post, so this is a … Read More

Cow sighted

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Been quiet here and on the podcast for various reasons; the main one is I’ve been pouring my creative energies into getting ready for Concrete Cow 18.5 on the 15th September. I’m offering 2 games: in the morning I’ll be running StormHack (that’s Stormbringer meets Whitehack) with the classic Chaosium scenario “Stolen Moments” from the … Read More