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I’ve never been to GenCon, and I certainly haven’t followed the Ennies, it’s not really where I intersect with the hobby. However I am aware thanks to social media that Red and Pleasant Land has just won a bunch of awards (gold for best writing and silver for best adventure and product of the year, … Read More

Dream Diary

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Something a bit different today. I’m not in the habit of remembering dreams much less writing them down in a blog, but these were so vivid I can recall them hours later. Dream 1 The first was me being in a school assembly hall (as an adult) watching a film on an old-school projector and … Read More

Michael Gove Turing Test

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Michael Gove and the Turing Test Brought to light in this G+ post, which included the following exchange: “But could he pass a Voight-Kampff test?” “You reach down and flip the education system on it’s back, Michael … it’s trying to turn itself over, but it can’t. Not without your help. But you’re not helping…”

New Scenery

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So, I’m trying something out with the scenery… the images come from some random ink drawings I did when using up the last few drops in the ink converter before flushing the pens out. The Sea  Tower Between Realms Degrees of Infection A bit hit-and-miss. Unfortunately the scanner doesn’t pick up the lovely red sheen … Read More