Game Sketch: Earth Superleader Macrofortress

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Characters play various world leaders who know each other and have both domestic and international concerns. One: Scenes Conference calls. These are calls between the world leaders petitioning each other for help, admonishing behaviour, demanding love, and so on. Game model is Dramasystem with a relationship map, dramatic poles and emotional concessions etc. National issues. … Read More

OSR alt combat

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In a week or so I’ll be running StormHack (Black Hack, Whitehack, Chaosium’s Stormbringer) at Concrete Cow. This is a modified combat system for OSR systems. Monsters Monsters have Armour Class, a success threshold Hit Dice, to be thrown down on the table to indicate the monster’s damage Damage, which they cause on weak hits … Read More

The City Accelerated

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Years ago I wrote a series of blog posts around the “City Accelerator”, a tool for creating and growing TTRPG cities (using partial inspiration from CRPGs). I updated and collected the ideas in this document. It’s about 15 pages long and under 4000 words, too long for a single blog post, so this is a … Read More

Lag: the End

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Begin with the end in mind, right? Here is a section on how to wrap up a campaign of Lag. Finishing a game As the game progresses through scenes, each character’s Arc will be explored through their Mission and Calls Home. Throughout this process the characters’ time zones will move from Home to local time, … Read More


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This is a role-playing game about displacement, jet lag and home sickness. The characters are strangers staying in a luxury hotel in a foreign country. During play the characters will discover the world outside their hotel life, have meaningful discussions in the hotel bar, and difficult conversations with whoever it is on the other end … Read More