Cow sighted

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Been quiet here and on the podcast for various reasons; the main one is I’ve been pouring my creative energies into getting ready for Concrete Cow 18.5 on the 15th September. I’m offering 2 games: in the morning I’ll be running StormHack (that’s Stormbringer meets Whitehack) with the classic Chaosium scenario “Stolen Moments” from the … Read More

StormHack characters part 3: demons and ambitions

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The character history method from part 2 should produce interesting, three-dimensional characters with a bit of mystery and personal plot hooks. By comparison, demons are cartoonish, one-dimensional, one-trick ponies — which is intentional. Demons are all about a character’s singular purpose in life and how it’s both a path to power and damnation. Whereas the … Read More

StormHack A6 and the 8 page method

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I go back and forth between writing tools and methods (rich text, outliners, markdown, mind mapping) and those are all useful but also terrible for procrastination. This made me think back to my first A6 version of StormHack which by strange coincidence was posted exactly a year ago today. 8 Page, Thousand Word RPG method … Read More

Bolt On

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This was unexpected: It’s a tweet from Sean Nittner from a series concerning submissions for Forged In The Dark. Weirdly the image comes from a two year old post from this blog concerning Dice Clocks. (it made me wonder if he’d read what I wrote and this was some very, very oblique vaguebooking) The opening … Read More