Five Analog Brainstorming Tools

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Following on from Messy Designs and prompted by the Design Games Podcast (around 19 min in this episode) I would like to talk about five brainstorming tools I like for creating things. However the aim is not to talk about how to brainstorm (because the reader knows this) or how to use each tool (because … Read More

iPad 2 and iOS 8: How to fix the slowdown

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This is a public service announcement. If you love your iPad2 as I do (all those tasty, tasty game PDFs) but after updating to iOS8 found that it now has the responsiveness of a brick, here’s what you can do: Reset the network by going to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings. … Read More


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I’ve been having fun with Tesseract, an open source OCR engine. It works from the command line, taking image files (TIFF and JPEG work for me) and outputting plain text. That’s all. It doesn’t do anything fancy overlay text on an image to generate a searchable pdf (it does output hOCR and handles multiple columns, so I assume that … Read More

Rolling Back to Snow Leopard

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This brief post is coming from a freshly minted Snow Leopard install on my Macbook Pro. I wrote about issues with OS X Mountain Lion recently, and repeated disk and permissions repairs have not fixed the problem after all. Format and reinstall was the only option, with all of the anxieties of backing up and hunting … Read More

Mountain Lion Beach Ball

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I upgraded to OS X Mountain Lion on my Macbook Pro last year, and since then I’ve had no end of grief with the machine locking up with the beach ball of death. I was ready this morning to do a fresh install of the OS or even roll back to Snow Leopard–but in a … Read More