The City Shared

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Here is a collaborative World-Building mini-game thing I’m contributing to the #3nano16 hashtag. Suitable for one GM, a traditional gaming group of GM and players (writing assumes this arrangement), or as a GMless collaborative exercise. You will need writing materials — I recommend index cards, and a large sheet of paper. I recommend a different … Read More

Designer Diary: Pitching Black Mantle

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One of the reasons I started this blog was to keep my hand in writing something, anything. It helps, because for some reason I can have ideas and be really lazy about writing them down. I have bad habits. Anyway, this is my game. It’s called Black Mantle. Fluff, Colour, Tone, Setting, Yadda Yadda This … Read More

Preface: Demons

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A preface to something… What are demons to your game world? Representatives of an absolute, objective evil (Hellblazer) Ancient races who walked the earth aeons ago (Buffy) Extra-planar beings separated from our world by a metaphysical barrier (Moorcock/Stormbringer) A breach in consensus reality (Sorcerer) A manifestation of personal power or psyche (also Sorcerer, early Stormbringer … Read More


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Idea: people mix up dystopian and post-apocalyptic genres for two reasons: the precedent for many dystopias is a collapse or near collapse and significant loss, and hierarchies are put in place to mitigate against a repeat event (erroneously, disingenuously, or earnestly). Terrible concessions are forced on a population, justified through fear of The Past. we … Read More