Three Rivers

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StormHack has one “magic” system, i.e. demons. Objectively these all follow the same rules, however different characters will probably have wildly varying ideas of what demons are. Here are three different perspectives. Demons of Self Demons are all about ambition, and Demons of Self are probably the purest form of this. This character credits no … Read More

OSR alt combat

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In a week or so I’ll be running StormHack (Black Hack, Whitehack, Chaosium’s Stormbringer) at Concrete Cow. This is a modified combat system for OSR systems. Monsters Monsters have Armour Class, a success threshold Hit Dice, to be thrown down on the table to indicate the monster’s damage Damage, which they cause on weak hits … Read More

StormHack characters part 3: demons and ambitions

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The character history method from part 2 should produce interesting, three-dimensional characters with a bit of mystery and personal plot hooks. By comparison, demons are cartoonish, one-dimensional, one-trick ponies — which is intentional. Demons are all about a character’s singular purpose in life and how it’s both a path to power and damnation. Whereas the … Read More