Breaking Waves

Categories: Roleplaying Games, Theory and Design

I’ve been thinking about this “wave” business a bit more. Not with the view to putting things in boxes, but more what it means as a pop-sociological analysis. Waves of things are characterised by peaks and troughs; they’re frequently discontinuous (q.v. first, second and third-wave feminism). Waves mean a resurgence of interest, after a period … Read More

Third Wave Things

Categories: Roleplaying Games, Theory and Design

Third Wave Feminism is a topic I know little about, but thankfully there’s Wikipedia. Third-wave feminism refers to several diverse strains of feminist activity and study, whose exact boundaries in the history of feminism are a subject of debate, but are generally marked as beginning in the early 1990s and continuing to the present. The … Read More

On Violence

Categories: General, Martial Arts

Guy Windsor has been thinking about violence lately. I’ve also been thinking about violence. I started when Jeremy Clarkson punched Oisin Tymon; before Ken MacQuarrie’s findings on the incident around the 25th of March, even before the petition to reinstate Clarkson passed the million mark on the 20th. I have no opinion on the … Read More