Les Revenants Soundtrack

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I haven’t seen Les Revenants (a TV remake of They Came Back) but I’m currently listening to the soundtrack, by Mogwai of all people. It’s melodic, melancholic and generally less post-rock-y than the band’s other offerings. I’m a big fan of soundtracks and will take a punt on some albums even if I haven’t seen … Read More

Game of Thrones, an alternative view

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We’re considering giving up terrestrial TV, and thinking of the different strategies we’d use to get our content. One of them is to buy everything we watch today on DVD or iTunes. This brought the stark realisation that if a lot of the stuff we were watching wasn’t free with subscription, we wouldn’t be paying … Read More

D&D Artwork – Petition!

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This documentary would have you believe that D&D is the most influential game in history. Whether you believe that or not, petitioning Wizards of the Coast for art with better gender and racial balance in D&D 5e is a good thing. The nice folks at Black Armada┬ástarted the petition, I’ve signed it, and other friends … Read More

The Dresden Files

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We’ve been watching the Dresden Files. The supernatural setting is hardly original in the post-Buffy era, but the pace and the plotting of each episode make the series worth watching. They only made one series.Paul Blackthorne plays Harry Dresden, and when I saw him he looked familiar – turns out his break into acting was … Read More