So, how’s it going?

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Not so bad, thanks for asking. Apart from updating this blog, it seems. “Esotericism now classes these seven variations, with their four great divisions, into only three distinct primeval races — as it does not take into consideration the First Race, which had neither type nor colour, and┬áhardly an objective, though colossal form.” Helena Blavatsky,┬áThe … Read More

Who Will Buy?

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Simon Burley’s article on USP touched on a subject I’m also concerned about. Who am I selling my game to? My game started as a setting-free toolkit, but I’m told that toolkits are hard to market. Since I’m a consumer of games I can do some handy market research on my bookshelf (or hard drive). … Read More

Threats and Promises

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Remedy this situation, restore spice production, or you will live out your life in a pain amplifier. Spacing Guild Representative to Emperor Shaddam IV Conflict in RPGs is king, and identifying conflict is the keystone to successful implementation. Without conflict there is no challenge and no drama. So of course there’s conflict in a roleplaying … Read More