RPG First Look: Conspiracy X 2.0 and Little Fears

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I snagged these titles in the DriveThruRPG January sale. There’s not much to be said about Conspiracy X, other than it’s standard Unisystem (classic) stuff. It repeats the system from AFMBE and Terra Primate, including chunks of psionics, qualities and drawbacks, etc. It does a couple of interesting things, though. It provides templates for (US-centric) … Read More

Moar Zombiz

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Since I found the Unisystem and AFMBE, I’ve been after a paper copy of Dungeons and Zombies. Unfortunately they’re rare as hen’s teeth. When I had to leave the Compleat Strategist empty-handed (they had every other supplement, just not that one) I more or less gave up on getting a hard copy. Ah well, at least the … Read More

Unisystem Round-Up

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Ghosts of Albion finally turned up, along with a cheap copy of Terra Primate. Now, what turned me on to the whole Unisystem line was the modular nature of the systems, which fit together well enough for a range of options for low powered, urban or science-fantasy games. Going over the new aquisitions first: Just … Read More