ORE part 3: Reign

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A recap on my previous ORE experiences: I like Monsters and Other Childish Things for its premise, and I have to admit the stripped-down implementation of ORE is elegant; however it took a bit of selling to my group (and some of them are still complaining). I didn’t think much of Wild Talents. Personal preference aside … Read More

ORE Vampire part 2: Damage

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Storyteller-Style Damage The way ORE force fits the hit location to height doesn’t appeal to me much – it seems like adding an extra dimension for the sake of it. Okay, I quite like the way it’s handled in MaoCT, but for other ORE games the integration isn’t seamless. Besides, hit location tables are so … Read More

ORE Vampire

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One-Roll Vampire I was a bit disappointed with Wild Talents as a superhero game – but as a toolkit for building a supernatural game it could work nicely. Since retro is never out of fashion, I’ve been thinking of going back to old-school VtM. Vampire came out in 1991 and as an impressionable goth it … Read More